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If you're a business owner or key decision maker this may be a situation you're familiar with. You receive an email from your account manager/sales rep providing you with a quote for anti-virus renewal, but unless you've properly budgeted this into your expenses the cost may surprise you. Numbers in the thousands, or even tens of thousands is what you may be looking at.

Why is the cost of anti-virus so high? It's no secret that IT upsells certain items, such as anti-virus and hardware. This is no different than going to a mechanic and having them swap out your air filters. The difference is the price point for the product.

In our years of working in IT, we've seen businesses charged $125 for a license, where, if the company had purchased the license on its own would have only been $35. That's a markup of over 300%. Seeing companies get billed for this, year after year, never sat well with us. We are, after all, the professionals telling you that you need this in order to secure your environment. Shouldn't we then be providing this service to you if it's that essential?

Starting today, Avalon IT will be giving new Managed Services clients BitDefender anti-virus for free for the entire duration you use our services. We understand that this is an essential part of your business and we want to ensure that your environment is fully protected from malicious attacks that could be costly to your business in the long run.

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