IT Documentation: A Crucial Element To Your Business

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January 25, 2018
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IT documentation can come in various forms and should be an essential part of your business operations.

We recently received a call from a business whose files were encrypted due to a ransomware infection. Upon arriving to the client site, we had asked for the server login information and any IT documentation they would have. The manager had advised us that they did not have this information and was trying to find this for us.

While this was happening, nine of the retail locations across the country were affected as they couldn’t process any orders. The manager of the business had tracked down what could possibly be the login information, but the password didn’t work. After these attempts, they had contacted their previous IT company for this information and provided the proper password.

Having access to the proper information would have increased the time for resolution for this client and got their retail locations processing orders in a timely fashion.

The key information to have in your IT documentation should consist of the following items in a centralized location.

Server Names, Roles, and IP Addresses

This information would identify your servers, and how each one plays a role in your environment. Some environments can have several servers, and this would ensure that all the information is stored in one place that’s accessible to you.

Router, Firewall, Switches, Wireless Access Points

These items can play key roles in businesses and should be documented properly. Items that should be included are configurations, usernames, passwords, warranties, and license expirations. You may also want to have a network diagram included in this to show the layout of the network topology.

At Avalon, IT documentation is taken very seriously. We ensure that we gather all the information and place it all in a secure, client facing portal. This ensures that our clients can log in and export any information they would need for their network.