Support For IT – How We Do it

Meltdown and Spectre Flaw
January 5, 2018

One of our prospective clients asked how our support for IT can be more cost effective, yet profitable for us. This was a great question for them to ask, and one that we loved answering.

Over the years and experience working with other IT companies, we witnessed where they accelerated and where they had flaws. When Avalon Technical Services was formed, we had the proper toolsets that gave us everything we needed to have a fully operating business.

This includes items such as the monitoring software, documentation platforms, invoicing and anti-virus solutions. We have witnessed businesses spend a lot of money for toolsets that just didn't work for them, or they were using workaround that cost them in the end as they would have to migrate everything over to a new platform.

For example, there was a company that was solely relying on Sharepoint for all their documentation and storage for information for their clients. This was a great solution when they started this. The drawback, the business outgrew what Sharepoint was able to do for them, and they needed something with more advanced capabilities.

The business initiated an internal company project (which went poorly), to have all the data copied over from Sharepoint into the new documentation system platform. This cost them as resources were focusing on transferring the information over and not able to provide as much support for IT issues their clients faced.

We designed a business that is scalable, and will continue to grow as we grow. But this is the catch! We don't want to grow too large. The philosophy at Avalon IT is to deliver great customer experiences for all of our clients and provide them with the best support for IT matters.

We feel that if we take on too many clients, this would impact service delivery for you.

In addition to having the toolsets in place and keeping the company small, we also operate out of a shared office space to cut back on our costs. After-all, our service is mainly remote work or we are on-site working with you!

As a business, we keep our over-head quite low by only having a small group of technicians, and service out things such as book-keeping, accounting, marketing, etc.

When you send in a request and require support for IT related items, that is immediately being looked after by a technician. Some businesses are used to having their requests go through an account manager or service desk, and have to wait for a technician to action the ticket.

At Avalon, we want to make sure there is immediate support for IT issues to be taken care of immediately so you can get back to work!

By doing these things, we are able to focus on the core of Avalon IT and provide great support for IT requirements!

As Avalon continues to grow, we look forward to giving back to our clients with things such as free anti-virus protection or something similar in value. There’s no secret, we can talk our vendors down in price for items such as this and mention we are doing it as a promotion.

Without our clients, we wouldn’t be here today, and we are truly grateful for that!