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Managed IT Support Value

As a business owner or decision maker, do you know if you’re currently getting value out of your managed IT support provider in Calgary? While value may be subjective, you still want to receive monetary worth from the services you are paying for.

We have acquired a client recently who was under the assumption that they were receiving some valuable services from their previous IT support provider, only to find out later that their environment had been severely neglected.

The client was previously on an hourly basis plan, which included network maintenance and patching each month. In the eyes of a client, this may seem like a great approach. Receive the proactive maintenance, and IT services when you need someone to look into technical issues.

During our assessment, we had found that the client environment had several issues pertaining to the following.

  • Network Security (several inbound ports open)
  • Network switch reached end of life two years ago
  • Firewall reached end of life and security services expired
  • Server warranty expired
  • No anti-virus on the servers
  • Out of date anti-virus software on workstations
  • Server patching several months’ behind
  • Workstations were not patched or updated

Unfortunately for the client, they were not made aware of any of these items listed. This option for support had greatly put their business at a great security risk. While reviewing the logs, we were witnessing hacking attempts every minute on the open ports. For a period of one month, there were over 11,000 attempts to access the network

Hacking Attempts

The lack of security and proactive measures seems to be a common trend when we look at environments who pay for the hourly support.

Essentially what happens is the client will just contact their IT provider when there’s an incident with one of the users is experiencing a technical issue. This may definitely be great to have for resolving incidents and requests, but can be detrimental to the core of your network if you’re relying on this model.

When you look at these items as an IT service provider, you want to let your clients know what’s happening in their environment. Instead, our new client was not aware of any of the items which needed to be performed to make their environment more reliable and secure.

As we strive to ensure our clients are satisfied, we arranged to have them sign up for our proactive Managed Services plan which is set at a flat monthly rate. In a matter of a couple of months, Avalon IT had resolved all the issues without the client incurring any extra costs for services.

Had our client had these issues resolved on an hourly cost, we estimate they would have incurred a $3,000 cost due to the amount of time involved with having all the items and issues taken care of.

If you’re unsure about the current value you are receiving with your IT service provider, contact us for a complementary network assessment today!

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